Nigel Cartner

Nigel Cartner


Born and raised in Manchester and heavily influenced by music, film and literature, I’ve aspired to work in and around the creative arts since my teenage years. It was only when I hit my late twenties that life took a fortunate turn and gave me the opportunity to fulfil those dreams. I was invited to write for a local online music fanzine, naturally jumping at the chance to review and interview underground bands on the rock music scene. It quickly became apparent from feedback that I had a natural flair for creative writing within the industry, and I continue to be a writer and reviewer on the scene to this day.

There has always been a connection with the Manchester music scene down the years, whether that’s from the great bands that helped create the status Manchester currently sits upon or the work I’ve done in helping little known local bands push a bit further towards achieving their own dreams. My main passion has always been for music from the 60s and 70s, and the rock icons that made that time so great. The wisdom and attitude shown by those legends played into my own mindset, and none more so than The Doors. It’s the chord striking lyrics of my favourite band, and of the many great songs of the times that have always acted as a mantra to how I’ve tried to approach life.

Over the years, my involvement with music continued to progress and I now co-host and co-run the Sonic Bandwagon radio show on Stockport radio station, Pure 107.8FM. This enthusiasm for music has become an integral part of my writing, very evident in my first novel, “Lost in Manchester, Found in Vegas”. I’ve always been drawn to novels that explore coming of age as part of the theme. The likes of Rex Pickett and Nick Hornby are personal favourites as they capture this idea of ordinary people thrust into dark times, who eventually manage to come through adversity improved by the experience. But it’s the extremities and intrigue of writers such as Hunter S Thompson and Charles Bukowski, and their use of brutal honesty, pushing boundaries into the darker side of life that really attracts me. It is their ingenuity, coupled with their depravity and rebelliousness which has me completely hooked. The fascination and passion I hold for music and literature had to eventually come to a head. Sure enough, a holiday to Las Vegas with my friends acted as a catalyst for me to throw all these influences and ideas together. “Lost in Manchester, Found in Vegas?”is a story born out of the fires of such artistic influences, overlaid with my own voice and approach.




Coming of Age/Lad Lit/ Up Lit/ Contemporary Fiction


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One novel titled ‘Lost in Manchester, Found in Vegas’. Self-published but sold 1,500 copies through various book signings across the North West.


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Have attended 40 book signings over the last 18 months. Have given 1 talks in a library, with 3 more booked in over the next month or so.



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All North West and Yorkshire



N/A. Book is £8.99


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