Andie Fessey

Andie Fessey


Andie J Fessey was born in Liverpool, England to wonderful parents. Living in Liverpool until his twenties, he then embarked upon a journey of wonder and experience throughout the world, employed within the dark and murky world of the security services for thirty years. He is the acclaimed author of; ‘The Walk’, ‘Two Hours’, ‘Origin’, the award-winning ‘Comet’ and the forthcoming Period romance set in Pakistan and Liverpool ‘Dignity’. He is currently residing in the UK working on his catalogue of twenty-one forthcoming novels. He an equestrian, traveler, archer, swordsman and, as is often cited, an old-fashioned, hopeless romantic.




Period Romantic Drama


Publications & Performance History

Origin – Book One of the Infected Chronicles; Two Hours; The Walk; Comet


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None for personal work but have lectured and spoken/trained on everything from one-to-ones to University Lecture level and Government Departmental level e.g DEFRA in a professional capacity.



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UK nationwide