James Carre-Rice

James Carre-Rice


Aged 22, I was a hopeless case, serving my forth custodial sentence, 4 years for violence. However I enrolled in therapy and turned my life around completely. More than that, I realised that I had been trapped in an identity of my own making; one that was completely false. The man who emerged was good, powerful and able. I married, wrote a book, raised 3 graduate daughters, lived in New York for 5 years and spoke at countless venues. For 35 years since my transformation I have been helping others change their lives for the better.



Biography/self help


Publications & Performance History

Within These StreetsĀ andĀ Another Kind of Knowing


Workshop & Reading Experience

I have spoken at countless venues including penitentiaries, jails, churches, conferences and meetings arranged by myself. I am returning from a six year break from public speaking.



I have no references to hand. I’ve been off the scene for a number of years.


Group size preference

Any, but not too small


Group age preference

Not children, any adults


Working languages



Area prepared to travel

I visit the North West from my home in Jersey and could include talks in my trips.