Alan M Fildes

Alan M Fildes


Having studied Egyptology and Ancient History for over 30 years, i specialise in the Old and Middle Kingdom Pyramid sites and their related mastaba fields. As part of my research into official titles of the Old Kingdom i am compiling a corpus of 5th Dynasty false door inscriptions from Giza and Saqqara. As part of my Saqqara-based research i have worked as part of the Oxford Expedition to Egypt team led by Dr. Yvonne Harpur of Linacre College Oxford in the tomb of the vizier Kagemni and on contemporary reliefs and inscrptions in the Egyptian Museum Cairo.

My published work includes articles and reviews in:

– the Egyptology Magazine

– Nile Offerings

– The Nemes On-line Archive the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism website

– TourEgypt

– Egyptvoyager website has used my articles.

For 30 years i have lectured extensively on my specialist subjects throughout the UK at venues including: Oxford University’s Archaeology Society ( who invited me to lecture on the Necropolis of Saqqara ); Manchester University Extra-Mural Department; The Sussex College of Egyptology; The Nile Organisation; The Horus Egyptology Society and many others. Having worked for the Bales Tour organisation on Nile cruises, I also take study tours to Egypt and museum collections such as Cairo the Louvre and Harrogate where i am involved in the Egyptology exhibition “Land of the Pharoahs”. Recently i was invited to launch the Premiere of Mysteries of Egypt at Reged in Cumbria and have recently completed a teaching post at York University Extra-Mural Dept.




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New Discoveries at Saqqara: The Tomb of Merefnebef The Abusir papyri: Passport to the Pyramid Age Son of the Gods: Alexander the Great DBP, London ISBN 1-903296-21-3 Alexander the Great nkhtifi and his Valiant Band Maidum, Lisht and a Close Encounter with Bauval! Timeless el-Kab Reminiscences of Saqqara Alexander the Great: Son of the Gods, J.Paul Getty, Los Angeles, ISBN/89236/678/8 Alejandro Magno: Hijo De Los Dioses�, Blume, Barcelona, ISBN 84/95939/04/05 Alexander the Great: Son of the Gods DBP, London ISBN 1844830586 Paperback. Alexander the Great: Son of the Gods J.Paul Getty ISBN 0982367830. # In preperation. Blunderbus & Baksheesh, Antics in an Ancient Land. The People and Pyramids of Old Kingdom Egypt.

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Dr Joann Fletcher, York University.

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