Ian Sloan and Howard White

Ian Sloan and Howard White


Ian Sloan and Howard White met as junior bus drivers in Birkenhead, in 1994, and on the advice of Ian’s father, met as potential writing partners. “You two might just get on”, he said. Early adult life conspired to stop them writing much until 2006, but then regular script and sketch writing brought their brains together, and in 2014 they sat down to adapt one such television idea to book form. The idea was to write something mixing Viz comic with Spike Milligan and a Tom & Jerry level of violence, and produce stories to get people laughing – “the worst fun books in the World”




Adult Humour


Publications & Performance History

1. Being Morose first edition 2. Raise a Glass to Inspector Morose 3. Being Morose second edition


Workshop & Reading Experience

Wirral Libraries Bookfest Audio books in production. Recordings made & cartoon animation added. TV appearance on local television.



Russell Woodward, comedian – “Comparable to the best of Milligan, Cleese and Adams.”


Group size preference

No preference


Group age preference

Adult owing to nature of books.


Working languages

The Morose stories are a series of middle length parodies, of the Inspector Morse television series. There is no graphic violence or drug use,, no abuse, no suffering, no racism, sexism, homophobia, religious or political biases. However, there is a lot of “canteen” language and I’m delighted to say we had one book returned early because of the swearing and drinking, despite the absence of anything else to offend people.


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