Marion Dunn on BBC Woman’s Hour

boxing diaries

Aged fifty Marion Dunn joined a boxing gym and soon became addicted; learning how to punch with the best of them. The Boxing Diaries: How I Got Hooked is Marion’s blow by blow account. In January Marion was interviewed for BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour.

During Marion’s interview, she explains to Jane Garvey why boxing is such a wonderful activity, how she adapted to the high-intensity fitness training and why boxing isn’t as aggressive and unwelcoming as it may seem. Jane Garvey described Marion as “one of the most positive people I’ve ever met.” It’s a really great interview and well worth a listen on catch-up.

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An Evening with Marion Dunn is part of the New Words project, coordinated by Time to Read and made possible with public funding from the Arts Council. The Boxing Diaries is published by Saraband, a creative independent publisher offering readers books that are imaginative, challenging, original – above all, well written.  Saraband are on of five North West independent publisher working with libraries across the North West for New Words.